How does the LocalBitcoins clone script work?

Blockchain Hat
2 min readApr 18, 2022

Local bitcoin clone script is one of the outstanding P2P based cryptocurrency exchange platforms like local bitcoin. It is one of the predominant technologies which has been chosen by many cryptopreneuse to take their business to the next level. The modern features and functionalities in the Local bitcoin clone script attracts many crypto enthusiasts.

Local Bitcoin Clone

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How it works:

In local bitcoin clone script, the effective trading of bitcoin takes place between buyer and seller through the Peer to peer interaction.

  • Registration: First of all, to initiate trading, the user should register in your local bitcoin clone script exchange platform
  • Verification: KYC/AML verification process will take place as quickly as possible in an automated way.
  • Order initiation: The buyer/ seller can initiate their trade by posting ads. They can also choose the variety of ads posted by others to initiate trade.
  • Transaction process: Once the buy and sell order matches, the order gets confirmed and the trade gets initiated.
  • Escrow system: Escrow system is the process, for the safety of both the buyer and seller, Where the payment and the coin will be in the escrow system until both the transactions get confirmed.
  • Dispute resolution: If there is any problem occurring during the transaction, the admin can interfere and help you solve the problem.