What basically are the Social Tokens?

These are like “sub-tokens” that operate under certain particular cryptocurrency. Just like the Dollar has cents and Pounds have sterling or shillings.

Social tokens are crypto based off of a particular cryptocurrency that already exists, But the intriguing part about crypto is how there are new developments each day and the whole world is moving with it and changing too.

Social Token Development

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Take for example, NFTs. These are non-fungible tokens that have cryptocurrency value attached to them. Most come in the form of art. Crypto is a new development of about 10+ years. NFTs are a new development of about a year or 2 years, but even these new NFTs are taking another shape.

Take for example, this hacker has created NFTs which have embedded files which are accessed when a user buys and downloads the NFTs. So he’s not just selling art, he’s selling tutorial files and hacks sourced from the dark web in the lnk below.



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